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 Metrology and Measurements

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Establishing an advanced research foundation for aircraft engine industry development is impossible without high quality testing using state-of-the-art equipment, precise physical experiments aimed at detailed investigation of a process or phenomenon, experimental verification of new theoretical models, or metrological support of tests. The principal areas of CIAM's activities in the fields of metrology and measurements are the development and implementation of special measurement methods and instruments, the enhancement of existing instruments in order to improve the information value and measurement accuracy, the development of means for metrological support of tests conducted in CIAM and other companies operating in the industry.

Work Areas

CIAM researchers develop methods and special means for the following:

– Measurements of high temperatures of gas flows and engine component surfaces, including components made of non-traditional innovative materials (pyrometers, temperature indicating paints, temperature probes utilizing crystalline materials);

– Measurements of properties of highly turbulent, high-speed biphase gas dynamic flows, including measurements at difficult to access locations of flows;

– Measurements of radial and axial clearances in compressors and turbines of aircraft gas turbine engines (optical and fiber optical methods);

– Precise measurements of dynamic deformations for development of a calibration system for deformation measurement working instruments.

For variable pressure measurements, various means of variable pressure probe and channel calibration are used. A method of electrostatic diagnostics of the gas turbine engine condition was developed for engine diagnostics.

For temperature measurements, both standard and custom (per customer specifications) thermocouples are made and calibrated.

CIAM's Metrology Service is authorized to conduct the following work in the measurement unification area:

– Type approval testing of measurement instrumentation;

– Measurement instruments calibration;

– Metrological expert examination;

– Measurement method development and certification;

– Calibration work.

CIAM's accreditation scope covers the following measurement types: mechanical measurements, pressure measurements, temperature measurements, liquid and gas flow rate measurements, dynamic measurements (vibration, deformation, pressure fluctuation measurements, etc.), relative humidity measurements, airflow velocity and direction measurements, frequency measurements, radiotechnical measurements, electrical measurements.